day off, finally
did some readings in bed early in the morning

art book of saho tono, i love her
( more elsewhere, 1234567 )

getting more ithinkyou'relikeasong series postcard sets ready for sell

so many things to do ( there's a long long list of my must-do list papers ) when will i be able to open my little online shop, i wonder.

it's thursday now. thunders and heavy rains in the afternoon everyday. it's really summer here.

how are you ? what's the nice things that happened to you today ?

i wish you well.



  1. hello hello hello !

    i'm still working on the preparations for the online shop, wanna everything to be perfect. there will be little little surprise gifts in every order's package. please come back and check the updates ! and and, thank you, xie xie ni, for asking !