kitty gaia passed away a few days ago

she was hit by a car. they said she was distracted by a bird. i'm so sad that i will never have the chance to meet her in person.

this reminds me of wilson, a beautiful mommy cat of my friends' cafe, zabu. she was hit by a careless car one year ago.

i wish all the drivers in the whole universe can pay more attentions, so that all the kitties in the world can live their life more longer and happier.


i'm gonna kill all my demons, to be with you




monday salad breakfast╱writing little notes and lists╱and some nice things to look at╱



and finally, some music, iholdawishforyou

have a nice day



day off, finally
did some readings in bed early in the morning

art book of saho tono, i love her
( more elsewhere, 1234567 )

getting more ithinkyou'relikeasong series postcard sets ready for sell

so many things to do ( there's a long long list of my must-do list papers ) when will i be able to open my little online shop, i wonder.

it's thursday now. thunders and heavy rains in the afternoon everyday. it's really summer here.

how are you ? what's the nice things that happened to you today ?

i wish you well.



the small kyoto╱osaka trip i had 3 years ago, and i dream of going back again ever since.

sunday dinner, yum-yum. with a supa cute little friend╱pon de lion

01╱potato soup stewed with rice╱garlic╱onion╱spring onion╱bacon
02╱tomato╱pea sprout╱purple lettuce salad
03╱apple cider

bought some notebooks and kitchen supplies on itis edition
i love their business card !

i wonder what do the animals do on the rainy days like this.

tomarrow, monday again. fresh new start. i wish we all are gonna have a good time. sweet dreams everyone.



in the afternoon

last night

listening to some soft soft music and reading ku:nel magzines in bed


getting the ithinkyou'relikeasong series of postcards ready for sell

drinking coffee, watching old movies that i love

looking at the pocket puzzle book i just bought two days ago at the booday shop

outside there's heavy rain all day today, so i stay inside my room all day.
feeling self-contained.

how is your day so far ?

here are some cute little songs that i like. i want to share them with you, and hope them will make you smile.

galaxy touristbeautiful lovegood morning, breakfast i want to be wasteful100 ways of lifego onmeaning of travelstill gets lonelybaby


saying goodbye to my grandma.

i lost both of my grandpa and grandma within 60 days.

life's too short.
we should all try to live in the moment.


making stamp stickers for fun, feeling like to faint after a crazy busy coffee making day.

and now, it's monday, the first day of june, a brand new start. how nice.

3:31 am.

good morning. but i'm going to bed now.

' 3'