sunday morning

i miss her


summer dress that i bought 3 years ago from the flea market in kyoto, i'm dreaming about going back there again someday.

start to putting papers on the walls slowly again. i want to make more postcards, small cards, and little books, this year. from all the things, i've been through these years, i realized that i'm a very very very limited person. can only do very small amount of things at a time. i'm trying to keep on posting here and writing in english mostly because of that so then my very far away french man can understand it. even though i'm really so bad at writings, in any kind of language. i will try hard and do my best, to express myself, and to communicate with you.

have a nice summer day.



a little preview of my new ( and first ! ) small card series no.1 , all very handmade, both cards and envelopes are made by me

sincerely yours,

cosmos travel╱each set is numbered and includes╱
01╱one small card made of chinese handmade cotton paper with silver foil on it╱two different illustrations on front to choose╱
02╱one envelope made of old paper from a secondhand book published in 1972╱none of them are the same╱

i hope you'll like them ! more information about my online shop ( !!! ) will be updated soon !

have a nice day !



was watching ( more like listening most of the time ) this japanese movie for the don't remember how many times.

some more clips here and here.

monday, day off, spent all day stayng inside my room, making new small cards and packages, watching japanese movies that i love, and feeling happy.

how are you today ?



sunday breakfast

01/sunny side up egg on honey buttered toast
02/tomato/yellow sweet pepper/onion/cucumber/japanese lettuce/caesar salad
03/lemonade made by lemon that has no seeds

i ate like a very healthy piggy, didn't i ?

i always love to look at jen's simply breakfast blog, and and also, this photographer took pictures of people and their breakfast. remember, don't look at these if you're feeling hungry.


' 3'

midnight yogurt / midnight reading


day off today, so i did all the washing and cleaning up today. it's so very sunny outside, even though google weather keep on telling us that there'll be lightenings and grey clouds and rains here on the little island. but i'm sorry, all we get is just a happy big smily sun.

so now i've done with the hard works, all i want to do right now is just relax and get lost in the world of beautiful things. let's get lost, shall we ?

craft log.namiogi haralusikkaichimaikeibunsha bookstoreanano"cholon

i wish you a very nice weekend, and please don't forget to do some things that makes you as happy as a kitty, okay ?

' 3'


and then,

i broke it.

feels almost like heart broken again. i want to cry now.

i wanna introduce you to some of my new little friends. they are, a nara (!!!) A to Z glass, a doraemon toy on the ceiling, a gundam toy on a pile of books, and and, a secondhand pen-ee camera fulled of little stickers. someone left these very cute things in my room, secretly, or not, before he flew back to paris. ( merci beaucoup bebi ! )

what kind of music are you in the mood for today ? i don't know why, but i feel like to listen to some brazil music today. it's like lazy warm summer sunshine by the blue ocean, and you don't have to worry about getting sun burn from it.

and this is the bedtime music for you tonight.



i feel like i'm a bear in the winter sleeping most of the free time i have for my own. i need to kick my ass from staying in the bed. so i took a midnight walk to the supermarket to get some vegetables for making salads.

today i found these people who make beautiful works through abby, and aprile's blog,

forest boundhousebuddugjust usalice gabb

oh, and and, i found this cute cute cute video from mädchen's blog. even though i can't understand the language, but it's oh so so so cute !

good night / bonne nuit



day off, finally. today i need to do some homework.

on the right is the envolope that axel drew for me on his flight from paris to taipei. it was a must-do list. and the one on the left is a little piece of note we exchanged to each other while i was working in the cafe.

and i just made a playlist of some japanese tv cm that i like for a long long time. watching them make me wanna cook as well.



i was deep down down down in the ocean all day yesterday, slept all day, and then woke up before midnight. today i try to cheer myself up by looking through these beautiful pictures, of foods and rooms, mostly. i wonder why.


today i feel like i'm very far away from home.



today is the day i finally get myself together after we said goodbye, and start finding a new balance pace for my life. i feel like to say something, but then i stop talking. i don't know what to say. so i take these pictures of my room, where i am, to prove that i reset myself, in some ways.



01/be down to earth
02/write lists
03/make things happen, one by one

focus, focus, focus

be good